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Alpine Body Temple

Alpine Body Temple Kerry Townend

Owner / Therapist

About Kerry

Since graduating in 2002 from Nature Care College in Artarmon Sydney, I continue to be passionate about learning new techniques that will facilitate healing to the individual as a whole.

Every body is different and my goal is to intuitively customise the massage to your individual needs. Each custom massage will include some of my favourite modalities that I’ve studied over the years.

You can expect a session to integrate Remedial and or Relaxation Massage, depending on how your body is feeling on the day, Trigger Points, Suction Cupping, Thai foot Reflexology, Stretches, and facial pressure point techniques. I also offer Healing Hot Stones for some massage for a complete circle of body and energy work.

Taking charge of our own health is important. I believe that every system, organ, muscle or cell has a great effect on the rest of the body, as they all work together in synchronicity. So too is nurturing our bodies with exercise and yoga, whole foods, and holistic wellness. ​Preventative healthcare and finding balance in life is the key to being our best self and I’d love to help you on your path to total wellness.

With gratitude,


Gift Shop

Mountain Spirit Living

Our Body Temple Shop “Mountain Spirit Living” sells Fair Trade items and hand selected crafts and clothing from around the globe. Beautiful gifts including leather bags, scarves, gem stone jewellery, Thai and Bali hand made silver and clothing.


3 Gippsland St  NSW 2627
Located within our unique gift shop, Mountain Spirit Living


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