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Alpine Body Temple

“Indulge, relax & revive your body and mind”


Massage Treatments

Alpine Body Temple

At The Alpine Body Temple we aim to nurture and nourish the mind and body. Our professional massage treatments will leave you feeling transported, revived and rejuvenated.

Located in Jindabyne within our beautiful gift shop Mountain Spirit Living, we offer sports & deep tissue massage, gentle relaxation massage and pregnancy massage. We also have seasonal massage specials for a unique indulgence.

Available 15th December 2021 through 31st January 2022

Holiday Specials


Mountain Escape

Known to promote the capacity to relax, a full body massage boosts feel-good endorphins and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol. This healing and nurturing massage may also improve circulation, lower anxiety and release tension. We use warm coconut oil and finish with a delicious head and neck kneading.

90mins $150 (10% surcharge public holidays)

Recovery and Rest

Deep tissue massage using organic herbal muscle balms. This aids post work out and faster recovery. Using specialised techniques to loosen you up. Muscles need nutrients to recover and massage improves circulation bringing those nutrients faster. Thus bringing oxygen, amino acids and metabolites to help repair fibres.

90min $150 (10% surcharge public holidays)

Massage Therapists

Meet The Team

Alpine Body Temple Kerry Townend

Kerry - Owner / Therapist

With 20 years experience, Kerry is passionate about learning new techniques to facilitate healing to the individual as a whole.

Zoe - Massage Therapist

Zoe has joined the Alpine Body Temple team as a massage therapist, specialising in sports massage, myofascial release and deep tissue and swedish massage.

Alpine Body Temple

New Therapists


Hypnotherapy with Tamara every Sunday.
For bookings call 0417 737 847.

Crystal and Energy Healing

Crystal and Energy Healing with Debbie on Wednesdays.
For bookings and more details call 0417 002 142.

Gift Shop

Mountain Spirit Living

Our Body Temple Shop “Mountain Spirit Living” sells Fair Trade items and hand selected crafts and clothing from around the globe. Beautiful gifts including leather bags, scarves, gem stone jewellery, Thai and Bali hand made silver and clothing.


3 Gippsland St
Jindabyne NSW 2627
Located within our unique gift shop, Mountain Spirit Living


Book online, walk in or call 0418 431 810 (No calls after 8pm)